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Your security system is made up of an electronic control panel. This panel works both through your electrical power and your phone line/internet/cell. If you experience problems during or following an electrical storm, we recommend powering down your system. You can also do this when you have lost electrical power and your system is continually "beeping" because of a low battery. To do this:

  1. Find your main control panel - usually in the basement or in a closet.
  2. Open the panel - you will either need a key to unlock the box or a screwdriver to remove the screws if the box is screwed shut.
  3. Remove one side of the battery lead. It will be either the red or black wire connected to the battery.
  4. Find and unplug the transformer (the electrical plug - this will be plugged and possibly screwed into an outlet close to the panel).
  5. After the storm has passed, plug the transformer back into the outlet and attach the battery lead to the battery.
  6. Give the system a minute to recycle itself, then test it. Be sure you are able to arm and disarm the system. It may take several hours for the battery to fully charge and clear trouble conditions from your keypad. If you experience problems, contact us.

Be prepared

  • Sufficient indoor and outdoor lighting is the best deterrent to burglary. Keep flashlights and candles available not only to help you see on stormy nights but to also help you deter burglars. A wireless alarm system can come in handy by letting you adjust your lights and temperature with just your mobile device.

Secure all windows and doors

  • Strong winds can blow open windows and doors that have not been properly secured, creating an easy entry point for burglars. Use your security system to see if any of your windows or doors have been opened.

Help Prevent Break-Ins

  • Storm security is important all year, but it’s even more important as burglary rates increase during storms because thieves bank on your home’s defenses being compromised. Help prevent storm-related burglaries with a home security system.

Water detection for your home

  • Have a water and flood sensor installed in your home, to be alerted at the first sign of rising water.
    State Alarm not only meets your home security needs, we exceed them.

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